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#1 Posted : Monday, October 3, 2016 3:13:17 PM(UTC)
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How to post on this Message Board.

Recently, I was asked in private mail 'How to post' on my message board and/or if there were a LINK with directions on 'how to post'.

Given it's intuitively obvious to me 'how to post' and I never got this question from others, my response was: 'You post on it like any other message board.'

In the event, it's needed for me to put up a LINK as to 'How to post', here it is for those who need extra 'help' as to 'How to post' in the event the 'HELP' section found on the MENU bar is not sufficient to address this question.

None the less, on the MENU bar, there is a 'HELP' section that is best to check out for topics having to do with using this board.

On the MENU bar ;

1: You choose; 'HELP'

2: You scroll down to where it says; 'Reading and Posting Messages'

3: From that, choose either: 'Posting New Topics and Posts' or 'Replying to a Message'.

Now , it looks like the Help menu on 'Posting New Topics and Posts' also assumes it's going to be intuitively obvious as to 'How to Post' and does not coach someone directly as to 'How to Post' but instead gives directions on how to format some of the text in one's post.

In the event, anyone else needs remedial help on 'How to Post' here is how:

1: Make sure you are on main page of my board in which the following link is shown on your browser bar: http://www.missjfacialpl...surgery.com/missjforum/

2: From there, you will see ALL the different FORUMS on my board.

3: From the FORUMS, choose the main one that you would like to read or post in such as:

'Facial Cosmetic Surgery', 'Social/Psych Issues with Cosmetic Surgery', 'Celebrity Aesthetics and other Cosmetic Curiosities', 'Product Mentions', 'Members Only', 'Skin Care, Hair Care and General Health, Fitness and Nutrition', 'LASER type devices', 'Forum Tips and Suggestions/Report Technical Glitches here.' , 'Revision Rhino'.

Sometimes a MAIN forum will have SUB forums in it to choose from. For example the main forum of 'Facial Cosmetic Surgery' will have the sub-forums of: 'Facial Cosmetic Surgery', 'Lip Lifts' and 'Facial Augmentation'. READ the descriptions and CHOOSE WHICH section best applies to topics you wish to read or post about.

4: CLICK on the section that best describes the topic matter you wish to read or write posts about.

5: From there, you will see MANY subject titles relative to the topic matter you selected to click.

6: If you want to READ one of the subject titles of topic matter of interest to you, CLICK on the subject title.

7: If you want to RESPOND to another member's POST within it, hit the QUOTE button. In that way, the member will know you are responding directly to his/her post. Be very CAREFUL that when you scroll up or down to type your RESPONSE in the message field to the post you are quoting that you DON'T remove any of the BRACKETS that surround where it says; 'quote'. A bracket looks like this: [ or this: ] or that your post is NOT within ANY BRACKET you see after you hit the quote button. Keep your post quite SEPARATE from any brackets you see surrounding the OTHER person's post. Otherwise is screws up the quote function.

8: Another option is NOT to use the 'Quote' button and just scroll down where you will see an option that says: 'QUICK REPLY'. Click on that. It will open up a BLANK posting field. In which you may type a response to the topic matter being discussed in the thread.

9: If you want to post a NEW SUBJECT in a Main Forum or a sub-forum of a main forum, click on the main forum or it's sub-forum you wish to post on. To the RIGHT and ABOVE, you should see a BUTTON that says: 'NEW TOPIC'. Click on 'NEW TOPIC'

10: After clicking on 'New Topic':

a: Type the SUBJECT MATTER of your topic into the field where it says: 'SUBJECT MATTER'

b: In the LARGE field (white box), that's where you type in your post.

c: After typing in your post, scroll down a bit and click on the button that says: 'POST'.

I HOPE that HELPS on 'How to Post'.
Miss J. Seeing eye companion to the aesthetically blind since 1998.

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