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#1 Posted : Tuesday, October 21, 2014 1:06:32 PM(UTC)
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Notice: Expiration of membership to some non Private Contributors who use the resources here more than they contribute to them.

Some accounts that do not have status of 'private contributor' will be EXPIRING soon. This can happen when someone has been a member for a long time, does not have 'private contributor' status AND has a very LOW post count BUT accesses the board frequently.

To this regard, your status will change from 'member' to 'unapproved write to Miss J' in which case you will not be able to access private sections of board or use PM system.

However, I am happy to offer you the option of upgrading your account to that of PRIVATE CONTRIBUTOR; $20 PAYPAL donation to: MissJ521@aol.com . This will help 'bear the weight' of people who only use board for PM function and/or for lurking and have been doing this for YEARS with very few posts.

PRIVATE CONTRIBUTOR status; $20 PAYPAL donation to: MissJ521@aol.com will reactivate your account.

With this, please list your SCREEN NAME so I may reactivate your membership with contributor status.

I'm having to do this simply because there are 2 types of contributions that help keep this board going; financial ones from 'private contributors' and open posts that help the other members. In cases where someone has an account that contributes NEITHER open posts NOR small $ to keep the board going but only uses board to lurk and/or use PM function, it does not 'contribute' to the general good of the board--there is no general benefit (good to the many). Hence if your preference for board 'use' is just reading and/or using PM but not actively posting, the membership has to be upgraded to that of private contributor status.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

ETA: Updated notice.

ETA: Reworded notice to say "Expiration of membership " as opposed to "termination of tenancy".

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Miss J. Seeing eye companion to the aesthetically blind since 1998.
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#2 Posted : Wednesday, January 28, 2015 5:57:16 PM(UTC)
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Joined: 5/14/2008(UTC)
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Miss J. Seeing eye companion to the aesthetically blind since 1998.
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#3 Posted : Wednesday, January 28, 2015 11:32:48 PM(UTC)
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For example in a case where say someone has been a member since 2008 BUT mainly uses the board daily to lurk and to use the PM system but has a LOW post count for their time here but uses resources daily to read posts and use PM, the membership EXPIRES but can be renewed as 'private contributor'.
Miss J. Seeing eye companion to the aesthetically blind since 1998.
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#4 Posted : Tuesday, May 5, 2015 4:53:22 PM(UTC)
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Joined: 5/14/2008(UTC)
Posts: 26,025
Following e mail is being sent out to account holders with high log in activity but extremely low open posting activity. I'm posting it here in the event the account holder has a different e mail address than the one on the account and does not get this e mail AND ALSO in the event they don't know why they can't access the resources and so I can refer to this link.

Many accounts are on this list that I made in early April. I'm sending out 3 at a time within the next few weeks. So, if an account is already on that list, it's not going to work to suddenly start posting.

Unless your account activity can be described as "a", "b" or "c" mentioned below, it's unlikely you are on the list.


This is to inform you that your membership is expiring or has expired but I am offering you the option to upgrade it to a 'private contributor' status membership or to 'refresh' this status if you have had this status for over 2 years but have a low post count. This applies to members who:

Log in to use the resources

a: BUT have an extremely LOW post count as in BELOW .06 posts/day (calculated from total post count vs. years of membership) AND have had non self supporting memberships for those years. (No 'private contributor' status to the membership rank.)

b: Have had 'private contributor' status for over 2 years (some as MANY as 6 years with a 0 post count!) and have less than a .01posts/day post count

c: Have a high post count of over .5 posts/day over the course of time they have been a member BUT within the last 356 days (year) have a 0 post count despite frequent log ins during the 365 day period of April 5 2014 to April 5 2015.

When a membership EXPIRES, you won't be able to access the private section of the boards and the status changes to: "Unapproved. Write to MissJ521@aol.com for approval". It does not really mean that I personally don't approve of you or have anything against you and it's NOT a 'ban'. It just temporarily closes access to the private resources of the board until an upgrade to 'private contributor' status or 'refresh' to it is made.

This does not apply to members who have not used their membership for many years--like those whos last log in was MANY YEARS ago. In those cases, no resources are drawn on. It also does not apply to those who have private contributor status with low post count but whom are in my records for private donations beyond the $20 attached to private contributor status.

The reason this is being done is financial. There are too many (long term) accounts electing to use the resources mostly or mainly for closed activity vs those contributing posts via open activity. Closed activity use is 'read only' , PM , search function, member profiles, private board reading etc use. Open activity use is posting. In order for me to generate funds from the collective body of the board ($ contributions and Amazon sales), which have, in the past, and for years have been 'spread around' to subsidize accounts aimed at mostly closed activity, it's contingent on a higher frequency of open posts. However, when there are too many members using the resources for closed activity and with very little open activity, it's correlated with very little support (funds from $ contributions and Amazon sales) from the collective body of the board. Memberships of mostly closed activity, if not 'private contributor' status are contingent on the collective body kicking in financial support to keep them open where as others (with similar closed activity) are 'self supporting' with 'private contributor' status.

This year donations and Amazon sales from the collective body has PLUMMETED. Compared to past years when it was higher. Support decreases with a decrease in open posting activity. Hence, when a 'critical mass' (physics term meaning too many but not meaning they are criticizing) of members draw on the resources for mostly/mainly closed activity, it does not add 'value' to the board as only open (posting) activity does that from the perspective of the collective body who are less inclined to donate $ support for the board when they don't see much open activity on it.

I report that Amazon sales have not even covered my Comcast bills to get to my site, yet alone the many other expenses associated with it. So, in the absence of support from the collective body towards the resources used by many who log in for closed activity, I'm now positioned to cut costs by temporarily expiring those memberships until they can be upgraded by those members (self subsidizing memberships) or until more support comes in from other members in the collective body to subsidize keeping them active.

That said, what I can do for you during this very hard financial time for the Miss J board is to offer you 2 options:

1: Put your expired membership 'on hold' UNTIL people in the collective body kick in more private contributions and/or purchase more Amazon products so that your membership can be subsidized that way.


2: UPGRADE it to PRIVATE CONTRIBUTOR (self supporting status membership) where your individual contribution subsidizes your membership. In that way there is no 'dependency' on the collective body of members at who knows when what uncertain time in the future,may or may not elect to help support the board via Amazon purchases or private contributions.

For option #2, that's exercised by putting in a $20 PAYPAL to: MissJ521@aol.com. When doing so, be sure to use the NOTE PP lets you write to me with the contribution to mention what your SCREEN NAME is. In that way, I can take your membership out of 'on hold' so I know WHICH screen name to re-activate. That is very important that you list your SCREEN NAME on the note Paypal lets you write to me given that I am sending this e mail to MANY members .

For option #1, you really don't have to take any action at all other than to wait for an indefinite period of time when the collective body of members kicks in funds so that I can restore memberships dependent on contributions from the collective body. NOTE: There will be a QUE for this. For example members with the HIGHEST post count over the course of time for their membership but have 0 posts for the last 365 days will be first in the que where as those who have been members of many years and have lodged 0 posts over the course of those years will be last in the que.

Also I am making changes to, 'private contributor' status such that that status does not last indefinitely solely towards closed resource use of the board. It will last for ONE year if it is to be used solely towards closed activity resource use.


These changes are being made for the 'greater good' of the board which is to finance it's continued existence on line which can not continue in the absence of open posts needed for the collective body to WANT to donate funds to the board. The collective body does NOT donate to the resources of the board when there are too many people opting to use the resources for closed activity. Hence, accounts reflecting that preference for resource use will be needing to 'self subsidize' due to lack of funds/donations from the collective body to be 'spread around'.

The Miss J board is for the most part a PRIVATE board highly dependent on financial support from the collective body of users. It's not supported by profits from doctor listings and google ads as are big PUBLIC commercial boards like RS or MMH. This is a time where I can't do an open FUND DRIVE aimed at supporting the large number of members using the resources for closed activity. I'm only able to do fund drives when the board is very active with open activity.

NOTE: These determinations were made in early April. In addition to an open post that accounts would be expiring.

So, no option, now to 'suddenly' lodge a stream of posts. The membership needs to be upgraded for continued resource use or held in 'storage' until that time.

Thank you for your time and consideration (and hopefully a contribution!) in this matter.

Miss J

Edited by user Saturday, May 23, 2015 5:01:19 PM(UTC)  | Reason: to change words : 'last month' to 'early April'.

Miss J. Seeing eye companion to the aesthetically blind since 1998.
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#5 Posted : Saturday, May 23, 2015 5:09:42 PM(UTC)
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Joined: 5/14/2008(UTC)
Posts: 26,025
I'm finding that when I send out these letters the member does not even have the same e mail address.

So to members I can't e mail this to, I'm listing screen name here that this was sent but returned back to me.

Miss J. Seeing eye companion to the aesthetically blind since 1998.
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