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Offline MissJ  
#1 Posted : Wednesday, April 12, 2017 6:55:01 PM(UTC)
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Pic PILFERER of the week: Valeria Romano, France.

She STOLE Barry Eppley's photos. Well, she stole a LOT more PS photos than his. But he got back to me in time to validate indeed it was HIS photo(s) that were stolen. I've written to other docs before to tell them their pics were stolen TOO but they don't get back to me. Last week or so, Marc Mani's videos were STOLEN and I OUTED the doc who did that. Today, I shall be showcasing Dr. Eppleys STOLEN photos.


middle one is most definitely Barry Eppleys from: http://exploreplasticsurgery.com/case-study-11/

It's found on: [img]https://www.dr-romano-esthetique.com/en/face/improving-your-profile-with-aesthetic-medicine-medical-profiloplasty-what-is-medical-profiloplasty/[/img] where the pilferer uses it as an illustration for FILLERS (OMG--fillers will NEVER do that!!) and is STOLEN from Barry Eppley's blog: http://exploreplasticsurgery.com/case-study-11/

When I reported this to him, he validated it was HIS photo and mentioned there was ANOTHER stolen photo of his on the SAME page. He left the office by the time I asked 'which one' but he confirms that 2 of his were stolen.

here: [img]https://www.dr-romano-esthetique.com/en/face/improving-your-profile-with-aesthetic-medicine-medical-profiloplasty-what-is-medical-profiloplasty/[/img]
I recognized a STOLEN pic from Ed Terino. It is the 3rd set of photos, the 3rd set in the series. It is from Terino's site: http://edwardtorinomd.net/examples.html example #12 as you scroll down. It's an example of IMPLANTS but the pilferer is using it for something else.

here: [img]https://www.dr-romano-esthetique.com/en/face/hyaluronic-acid-forehead/
Those pilfered photos are actually MORPHS from a Korean clinic where the morphs were used to demonstrate a forehead IMPLANT. The pilferer is using it to 'show' FILLERS. No way, fillers could do that. Besides, it's a pilfered MORPH.

There are actually TONS, BOATLOADS of PILFERED pics on this website. But tedious to go through each one of them to locate the REAL doctor. Besides, I'm just going to write to the doctors I already KNOW or know of when I find a stolen pic.

I shall give you guys some HINTS as some TELL TALE signs of STOLEN pics. OK, I understand most of you are not interested in 'intellectual property' issues as I am. But from the average patient perspective of being impressed with photos you see on a website, there are tell tale signs that the photos are NOT theirs. Here are some:

1: They are often found on European websites where the doctor really is not a legit plastic surgeon or ligit derm or affiliated with organizations that legit derms or PSs belong to. Instead they are some type of aesthetic practitioner which could be ANY kind of doctor wanting to get into aesthetics. Sites OUTSIDE of the US have different copyright legalities than in the US. So, a good number of pilferers are found on websites OUTSIDE of the US.

2: It's really COMMON for them to CROP photos or to blur out the eyes. In that way they trick you to thinking that they are doing that for 'patient privacy'. But a LOT of them do that so that a Google search of the image becomes DIFFICULT. For example, I'm one of the FEW people who can recognize a stolen photo from a PS WITHOUT having to do a Google search. That's because I've been around close to 20 years looking at PS photos and I kind of 'know' the photo i see on a website does NOT belong to the website owner BECAUSE I've seen the photo before. It's just that I don't remember EXACTLY who's photo it is.

3: Another thing they do to make it hard to use a Google search to find the source of the photo is to make ONE photo COLLAGE. Now it was in one of the photo COLLAGES that I spotted Dr. Eppley's STOLEN photo. But that's an example of my being FAMILIAR with Eppley's 'stuff' as to SPOT the stolen photo. The average person, just looking through websites is NOT going to be able to do that. It takes EXPERIENCE and FAMILIARITY with the work of 'this or that' doctor to SPOT a pilfered pic. None the less, when you see a photo COLLAGE with DIFFERENT patient pics on it, it's a TELL TALE sign of a pic PILFERER. Not a 100% confirmation but a tell tale sign enough to question IF the patients are REALLY those of the doctor who's website you find them on.

4: You seE a FANTASTIC result and the doctor uses the result to illustrate such things as 'thread lifts' of 'fillers' or SOMETIMES even derm treatments. If it looks a little bit too fantasic to be done without invasive surgery, it probabaly is a pilfered pic. Hey, I've seen some where they STEAL from FACE LIFT doctors to market FACE CREAM.

That's just a SAMPLING of the tricks they use. Most of my 'insider' MEMBERS would be on to such a thing. But to those in the PUBLIC VENUE who can't learn from the PRIVATE sections of my site, BE CAREFUL OUT THERE.

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Miss J. Seeing eye companion to the aesthetically blind since 1998.

Offline MissJ  
#2 Posted : Wednesday, April 12, 2017 10:45:33 PM(UTC)
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Sorry folks. When I TRY to show the STOLEN photos on the scam artists site by using the correct CODE to do so. It won't show the pics. I don't know why. Just to say, the thief mentioned in the header is a photo thief.
Miss J. Seeing eye companion to the aesthetically blind since 1998.

Offline studio  
#3 Posted : Tuesday, April 25, 2017 8:21:43 AM(UTC)
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wow! Thanks for letting us know
Offline Quno  
#4 Posted : Wednesday, April 26, 2017 5:31:39 PM(UTC)
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This is a common problem on Instagram as well, apparently... unfortunately they can delete comments there.
Offline MissJ  
#5 Posted : Wednesday, April 26, 2017 5:55:22 PM(UTC)
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I think the pilferers do get them on instagram. I know in Marc Mani's case, he puts his stuff up on there but so did the thief who took his stuff and the thief had a LARGE following there. Eppley goes on there too.
Miss J. Seeing eye companion to the aesthetically blind since 1998.

Offline Beholder  
#6 Posted : Wednesday, September 27, 2017 1:43:13 AM(UTC)
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A year ago or so I noticed a stolen pic of dr. Aharonov's on another Dr.'s website. I had practically memorized all o fDr. A's photos and I recognized it instantly. I did call Dr. A's office to let them know.
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