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Offline lucillenyc  
#46 Posted : Thursday, June 29, 2017 4:03:31 PM(UTC)
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Originally Posted by: Mike D Go to Quoted Post
Part of the problem is how much variation there is between the skin that is around an ear BEFORE a facelift and the thicker cheek skin that is pulled up into its place AFTER a facelift. Most surgeons don't do a good job of thinning out the newly positioned skin around the ears and it ends up looking like a thick mess. The other problem is that a lot of surgeons rely too much on the skin to lift a face and all of the tension ends up showing on the ears.

Exactly, Mike. Dr. Miller (in Orange County) explained this in great detail to me. Less invasive facelifts put too much tension on the skin. He said this makes future facelifts difficult because the tissues get stretched. Not only does it look bad, it fails in a few months or years and needs to be repeated.

The problem is that every time you repeat the lift, the tissues get more and more stretched and you end up with that weird facelift look. There's also the risk of nerve damage every time you repeat a lift. That why I think mini lifts are more risky overall than one well done deep plane / high SMAS lift.
Offline Hoss  
#47 Posted : Thursday, June 29, 2017 5:02:58 PM(UTC)
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Originally Posted by: Chris K Go to Quoted Post
Who is Bruce Connell? Was this a facelift mentor or guru?

I think he only retired in the relatively recent past. He seems to be the guy most of the current 'names' regard as a facelift legend. He was Marten's mentor (as well as a few other docs).
Offline Zoey  
#48 Posted : Thursday, June 29, 2017 7:57:56 PM(UTC)
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I wonder why these unhappy harley patients never leave a negative review on Realself.

Regarding the pre tragus incision, I recently saw someone who had an amazing face lift with a dr asaadi in NJ. She had the pre tragus incision and her ears looked perfect, but you do see a very faint white line if you look. On the other hand her sister had a face lift with Rosenberg and I thought her lobes and tragus looked off. I think the pretragus works best with someone who may have a slight fold of skin in front of their ear. However after much research, I think I may be leaning towards having a pre tragus facelift because I really hate any distortion of the tragus.

Originally Posted by: Beholder Go to Quoted Post
So here I am again after three years still researching on Realself mostly but I'm glad to be back here where the info is less biased. I have learned more about Dr. Harley in NC. He is apparently very nice and it's hard to get bad reviews on him but there are a few. I have private messaged dozens of his former patients and only two wrote back saying that they were still satisfied with his Biltmore Lift. But these two former patients were only two years out. I haven't heard from any of the ones who were four or five years out. After tons of searching I finally found a post about someone who said she heard from four of his former patients and they all said the same thing: they were initially very happy with the Biltmore lift, then around moth 7 or 8 after all the swelling was gone, their faces and necks drooped again. So yes, sadly the Biltmore lift seems too good to be true. My gut was that there had to be a catch. Low price, beautiful after photos, I think the best I've seen especially because the jaw angle looks so good. I never saw any salivary gland bulges or weird looking tragusus or anything odd. I actually prefer the pre tragus incision even though it leaves a scar because in my opinion it looks more natural. His stitches are tiny too. Back to the drawing board. I'm scared of anything too invasive like a deep plane lift. I'm 53 and not ready to take the risks involved with that.
Offline nightowl  
#49 Posted : Thursday, June 29, 2017 9:14:38 PM(UTC)
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I think the women who go to Harley and are happy with his work tend to be more from the Midwest/South, have a limited budget and their goal is just to have some tightening around the lower face and neck without a very long downtime. These would be a similar demographic in age/income etc as those who went for the old Lifestyle Lift. For the most part, the Harley patients don't know a lot about the technical details of having a facelift and are not too "nit-picky" about the finer details. They just want an improvement without looking drastically different, they prefer not going under full anesthesia and understand that there is a tradeoff of scarring etc. I think Harley's results are very similar to Dominic Bray. Harley is safe and his results are acceptable, but not extraordinarily good, and won't last as long as a Marten or Guyuron lift. I don't think you'd find someone living on the Upper East Side going to Harley for a facelift. They'd all run a mile after seeing the "charming" grandma" cottage that Harley has converted into his operating room. Eh?
Offline Mike D  
#50 Posted : Friday, June 30, 2017 7:31:42 AM(UTC)
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^^ I agree with nightowl ^^
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