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Offline delilah  
#1 Posted : Tuesday, April 3, 2018 9:29:17 AM(UTC)
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I know nothing about science, but I'm curious about these things and would be interested in hearing from anyone who might have some knowledge.

A friend and I were having a discussion and at some point she started making the claim that grey/white hair as we grow older is nature's gift to us because our skin also gets lighter and more delicate so lighter hair just looks better as we get older.

I told her that I don't agree at all the Mother Nature is doing it as a favor to us, but rather she is a cold bitch that is literally doing it to make women more invisible as we become less fertile. The changes in skin, hair etc are most noticable in the face at first because we as humans evolved to look first at each other's faces and hands to be able to make judgements on whether the other person was friend or foe. (The hand shake literally developed from checking to see if the other person was holding a weapon and all hand welcoming gestures in societies around the globe seem to stem from this). So while you might not be able to tell a difference between a 27 year old and a 37 year old's naked body's with their necks and heads hidden, you can definitely see a difference between the two when you show their necks, faces, and hands.

Therefore mother nature appears to make these changes of greying hair and loss of facial fat as a signal to others and that signal is- This one isn't so fertile anymore. Ignore this one and pay more attention to something of more reproductive value. An old neighbor of mine developed menopause at the age of 16 due to some abnormality. Before hormone replacement she was looking 10 years older than her peers as she had lost her facial fat and though her hair hadn't turned grey, the texture of it did change to something you might see in someone the age of 40.

And this leads to the question-- Is the fountain of youth merely increased fertility? Women look most attractive between 17-27 precicely because it is when they are most fertile. Is the science wasting time on trying to fix the problem on the outside with fillers and surgury when the real scientific investment should perhaps be on making fertility last longer without the threat of cancer? Birth control works because it makes the body think it's pregnant and as such, birth control will often make the cells of the body react as if there was pregnancy (swollen breasts, tenderness, etc.) If one can make the body think it has more years of fertility left then the cells of the skin and hair should respond in kind.
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Offline Robin  
#2 Posted : Wednesday, April 4, 2018 7:28:21 AM(UTC)
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you are confusing correlation with causation. hormones regulate our aging process (and lots of other things) - for both men and women - the role they play extends beyond fertility. fertility is a symptom of aging process, not a cause.

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